Ladies, Answer These 5 Questions from a Man and You’ve Earned the Right to Wear that Sports Baseball Cap!

Megan McLachlan
2 min readJun 14, 2021
Photo by Sam Kuhn
  1. Are you actually a fan? If the answer is yes, continue to question 2. If the answer is no, please explain, 100 words minimum.
  2. Are you from [team city]? If you are not from the team city but are wearing the team hat, you must explain why you are wearing it and include how often you watch the games, including dates/times/witnesses.
  3. Did you catch the game last night? What did you think of it? (Please craft a detailed response that shows you watched the game or at the very least acknowledge why you were unable to watch the most recent game. Also, please acknowledge what you hate about the opposing team and why they suck.)
  4. Who’s your favorite player? (Note: This player cannot be the team’s most obvious player, such as a captain or MVP. You will be docked points.)
  5. Did you purchase the hat after the team won [Super Bowl/Stanley Cup/World Series/etc.]? (Please craft a response that includes your future commitment to the team and how often you intend to watch the team games, even when they are not in the playoffs/finals.)

Congratulations! You’ve answered enough questions to earn the right to continue to wear that hat!



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